Here are some of the mods I've written for use with games utilizing Beamdog's Enhanced Infinity Engine.
If you like these, consider checking out the Unearthed Arcana team on Github.

Released Mods
  • Tome and Blood: (D/L) a rework and content expansion for Mages, Sorcerers, and Bards
  • Monastic Orders of Faerûn: (D/L) a rework and content expansion for Monks
  • The Power of Belief: (D/L) a small divine magic expansion that allows the Nameless One to become a Priest

WeiDU Libraries
  • QDmulti: (D/L) a tool for making functional multiclass kits at install

  • Low Magic World: (D/L) a revision pack that reduces the impact of magic on the world of Faerûn

In Development
  • Undivided: (D/L) a set of tweaks to allow a player to have all available companions travel with their character
  • 5th Edition Overhaul: a set of rules modifications that emulates Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition
THavalon is my custom rules expansion for The Resistance: Avalon, a popular social deduction board game.
The current version of THavalon offers 10 new roles for regular play and several new mechanics affecting all aspects of the game, from mission proposals to Reversal cards, and is sure to provide memorable experiences.

The game engine (for role information) and a full readme are available on Github.

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Infinity Engine Mods