Rice University

Working towards Ph.D. in Materials Engineering

Brown University 

Sc.M. in Materials Science (2018)

Sc.B. with Honors in Materials Engineering (2017) 

Thesis: Effects Controlling the Nucleation and Growth of Surface Features in Sn Thinfilms 

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

International Asia Studies Program, Fall 2015 



Other Skills

Notable Coursework

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  • Image processing 
  • Data analysis (SAS, STATA, SQL)
  • Monte Carlo simulation
  • Web design (HTML, Javascript, CSS)

Tin Whisker Kinetics in Thin Films 

PI: Prof. Eric Chason, School of Engineering

Brown University​

Publication: E. Chason, J. Vasquez, F. Pei, N. Jain and A. Hitt (2018). “Quantifying the Effect of Stress on Sn Whisker Nucleation Kinetics,” Journal of Electronic Materials 47(1): 103-109.​

Corporate Social Media and Employment Networks 
PI: Prof. Lynn Wu, Wharton School of Business
University of Pennsylvania

Materials Science and Engineering

  • Atomistic Modeling
  • ​Finite Element Analysis
  • Electronic Materials
  • ​Nanoscale Materials
  • Kinetic Processes in Solids
  • ​Crystallography
  • ​Thermodynamics of Materials
  • Physical Chemistry of Solids
  • Metallic Materials
  • Mechanical Properties
  • Solid Mechanics

Computer Science and Applied Math 

  • ​Machine Learning
  • Scientific Computing (Python, MATLAB) ​
  • Stochastic Processes
  • ​Differential Equations 
  • ​Linear Algebra​